Data Science
Career Accelerator

Build the skills, project experience, and commercial mindset to succeed as a leading data scientist in the world of business.

7 months, online

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Start Date

18 March 2024

Time commitment

20 hours per week, 7 months online learning (plus break weeks)


One-to-one career coaching plus weekly sessions with an industry expert

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Portfolio development

Work on 20+ industry-relevant projects, including a live 6 week project with an organisation like the Bank of England

Payment plans

Flexible options available (6-9 months + EdAid, an interest-free payment plan.

The time to advance your data science career is now.

Why choose this Data Science Career Accelerator

The aim of this programme is to ensure that acquired data science skills and competencies are purposeful, aligned with real-world business needs, and offer the depth required to ensure a competitive edge. Throughout this Career Accelerator, you will:

develop a portfolio of real-world projects based on challenges set by leading employers

learn the advanced tools, techniques, and skills from the foremost academic and industry practitioners, currently being promoted by data professionals

master the essential statistical concepts and principles to future-proof your data science career in the era of AI

cultivate your ability to think commercially by tackling business challenges presented throughout the programme

become a more holistic practitioner by understanding how to make data science models implementable within business

set yourself apart by demonstrating legal, moral, and ethical responsibility and awareness of cutting-edge technologies.


This Data Science Career Accelerator from the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education is focused on shaping the future of business through data. It's not just about algorithms, statistics, or utilising AI and Machine Learning techniques; it’s also about generating meaningful, actionable insights that can challenge conventional wisdom and enable commercial success

Dr. Ali Al-Sherbaz
Assistant Professor and Academic Director for Digital Skills courses at University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education

This isn’t your typical online programme or boot camp.
This is a Career Accelerator.

A rich career-first learning experience tailored to help you go further, faster.

Cultivate your technical, business and human skills

Don’t just learn to perform the role, learn to make a real impact. Develop the critical human and commercial skills that will set you apart from other data scientists.

Prove yourself in real-world projects

Apply your learning by tackling data science challenges with real employers. Work as a team, build a powerful portfolio and showcase your hands-on experience and problem-solving skills.

Advance your development goals with a personal career coach

Work with a dedicated career coach and success manager to proactively set your career goals and build the path that gets you where you want to go.

Learn from leading academics and industry experts

Study from experts at the University of Cambridge and from industry, and earn a valuable certificate from the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education.

Develop a portfolio of real-world projects based on challenges set by leading employers

We are thrilled to be collaborating on the Employer Project to not only provide the learners with the unique opportunities to practise data science on offer at the Bank of England, but to also give us the opportunity to reach a broader pool of potential talent from diverse backgrounds and experience who we know have the skills we need to help us achieve our mission.

James Benford
Chief Data Officer at Bank of England

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Meet a Career Accelerator past learner

The Career Accelerator has opened up a whole world that I never knew was out there before. I love what I do… but sometimes I felt like, “what’s next?“ But now there’s so much opportunity – so many doors have opened up for me…

Haroon Miah

Programme Details

Learn the advanced tools, techniques, and skills that are currently getting data professionals promoted.

Please note: University of Cambridge ICE is in the process of developing this programme and details are subject to change.

Who you’ll learn from

This programme brings together academic and industry perspectives to design, build and deliver a curriculum that represents the best of both worlds.

Professor Ali Al-Sherbaz
PhD, MSc, BSc, Electronic and Communications Engineering

Assistant Professor in Digital Skills at University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education

Author of more than 80 peer-reviewed papers with expertise in Cybersecurity, IoT, Data Science, AI, Blockchain and 5G. Passionate about guiding research and innovation strategies.

Shanup Peer
MBA, Operations/Marketing, MS, Electrical Engineering, B.Tech, Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Data Scientist and Programme Industry Expert

Principal Data Scientist, AI Curriculum Architect and Data Science Mentor, having fulfilled engagements with Government entities and corporate clients, developing technology solutions that have been deployed on a country-wide scale.

Roderick Crawford
Senior VP for SAS Northern Europe

Leading a dedicated team at SAS, a global leader in AI and analytics software, including industry-specific solutions. SAS helps organisations transform data into trusted decisions faster by providing knowledge in the moments that matter.

Robert Hardman
Chief AI & Innovation Transformation Officer, Inchcape Digital 

Robert is an industry trailblazer with a career spanning over 25 years working with Fortune 100 companies, such as Facebook and Uber, guiding them through digital business transformations. His command over advanced mathematical techniques and knowledge of global technological ecosystems has made him a specialist in employing state-of-the-art technologies such as Generative AI, LLM’s, ML to transform & reimagine businesses.

More academic and industry educators to be announced


Please note: University of Cambridge ICE is in the process of developing this programme and details are subject to change.